Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Champions Youth Cup 2007 - Malaysia

Malaysia is proud to present Champions Youth Cup 2007. The Champions Youth Cup will be an annual event and a “World Championship” for the youth teams of the world’s greatest clubs. The Champions Youth Cup will be contested at Under 19 age group and aims to:

* Offer football a fresh and unique spectacle.
* Offer the next generation of stars an opportunity to compete against each other.
* Demonstrate their commitment to youth and to the development of the stars of tomorrow.
* Support the communities that have supported them and assist the development of football in Asia.

The Champions Youth Cup will feature 16 teams composed of 12 European teams, 2 teams from South America, the hosts, Malaysia and a host invitee team from Asia.

The tournament will take place in a league/knock-out cup format with a total of 34 matches over 10 match days. The 2007 event will take place between the 8th and 19th August.


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