Thursday, August 11, 2011

eBook: iFrames Tutorial for Facebook – Create A Custom Page With “Static HTML iFrames Tab”

Everyone who use internet having an Facbook account and now days there are many giant company or organizations, business owner and brand even schools . In a simple word there are millions facebook Fanpage today. There are many advantages using Facebook and most importantly, its free and having lagers user worldwide.

I had wrote eBook how to create a custom Facebook iFrame using Static HTML. Before this , facebook decide not to support FBML apps. As of 18th March 2011 the Static FBML App can no longer be uploaded to facebook business pages. The "Static HTML: iframe tabs" Application is a great substitute, with far greater functionality than the Static FBML App ever had.

This eBook will explain to you how you can create professional fanpage in three simple steps. You will know how to create reveal page (for those who did not like your page) and member page (already hit LIKE button). There are many things you can to and integrate with your facebook fanpage. Knowing a HTML coding will be an advantage for you.
1. How to setup Facebook Fanpage
2. Adding iFrame – Static HTML
3. Customize your static HTML –iFrame Tabs

There are many others that can help you to create professional fanpage but I guarantee my methos is the easiest one but excellent result. Get your free copy of tutorial to create Facebook iFrame –Static HTML.


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