Monday, June 13, 2011

How many email can send using gmail at once

I was wondering how many email I can send using gmail at once? I have to know this because I don’t want to get suspended. It was an easy to get answer if we always using correct keyword on google search engine.

For those who want to send many email or bulk email , you have to know the limitations from google. From a single IP, google will only allow 500 mail in a time span of 24 hours. That is the advantage of using gmail. How if you using another email client via TAMP or POP? Well … the limit is lesser than gmail account, you allowed to send not more than 100 mail in a time span of 24 hours .
I didn’t have another options of sending many email or bulk email more than 500 in time span of 24 hour except I use paid services such as Aweber . I didn’t have extra money and the best way is fully utilized the free resources. Some of you might wondering, what kind of project I want to do require send bulk email right? I will try to implement new method how effectively email marketing and I hope this project will successful. If you guys have a great idea and technique , please share it with me..


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