Thursday, December 16, 2010

15 Funny Photoshop miseries!

These ads have been published online or offline and had one thing in common. All were obvious, gross errors in Photoshop. These advertising agencies a clear need to hire the best Photoshop experts.
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In all the FaceTime iPhone ads, if catalog or online, the faces are all returned. In reality, the smallest image image should be what the other person sees and therefore should not be returned.
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Lance Armstrong is unhappy with his last appearance cover magazine. France tour champion seven times adorns the front the last issue of the magazine from the outside in a blue shirt that said "38." "BFD."in large print. 38 refers to the age of Armstrong and the acronym means "big f - ing much."
Only problem: Armstrong never wears the shirt.
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Index: His hands.
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Resources: Photoshop Disasters, errors in Photoshop.


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