Saturday, May 2, 2009

Show / reset hidden Attributes for files and folder caused by virus.

Different virus will give different to our computer. I believe every windows user had experience affected by virus. Some of the virus will disable some of windows basic diagnose function to protect virus it self to be removed.

Some of the virus such as BDS.Mirc.Backdoor will hide your files setting the hidden and system attributes to the file. It will be stressful if your important files suddenly disappear and you 100% sure did not delete that files. Too view hidden files, open my computer > Tools> folder options, and you will get popup as below. To view hidden files, click on show hidden files and folders and unpick Hide protected operating system files. After doing this you can view hidden files and search for your important files.

To remove attrib hidden files, you have two options, one is using command prompt and another one is attribute changer.

Attrib command
Open command prompt (Start>run>cmd) . Type attrib -H -S C:\iter\*.* , this command will remove the hidden and system attribute of all files in iter folder at C drive.

Attribute changer
If a file has a hidden attribute, you can easily remove it by right clicking the file, go to Properties, and uncheck the Hidden checkbox.


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