Monday, February 23, 2009

Proton MPV Exora on the road price or loan

Proton had launched their latest car, Proton MPV Exora. I believe first question come out in our mind is price for this Proton MPV Exora. I did not wan to talk about the specification of this car because I’m not very expert on it. Just click this link for specification details.

My focus here is the price of this Proton MPV Exora. Below is some information and might give you some idea and arrange your financial planning.

Proton MPV Exora 1.6 CPS (AT)
Price : RM75,xxx
Loan : 90%
Down payment : 10% - RM7,xxx
Booking: RM500
Interest : 3.75% - Public Bank/Affin Bank
Monthly : RM843

Engine : Campro 1.6 Liter
Seats : 7
Safty : Double Air Bag


SciaS said...

Wow, its price is not bad..affordable. Harap2 cadangan utk lupuskan kereta berumur 15 tahun ke atas akan jadi..boleh dapat rebet RM5000 bikin deposit hahahaha

kaitorword said...

sicas.. ko mau beli new car ka?

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