Friday, November 21, 2008

Convert PDF file into Microsoft word document

Portable Document File or more known as PDF is one of the Adobe System Inc product and it used around the world. The advantage of using PDF file is easier to open and minimize the file size compare to the original document.

I believe you had thinking how fantastic if this PDF file can convert into Microsoft word document. Yes.. you can convert PDF file into Microsoft word document using free software pdfword. There are many software can used to convert PSD file into into Microsoft word document, you can search it on the internet but remember most of it is not FREE. Why I recommend pdfword? The answer are, it’s free and user friendly.

You can watch few print screen I had capture during trying this software.

            Finish Install

            Main windows

Select PDF file you want to convert, click browse button. You also have the option to set the file location after convert, just use browser button. Final steps, just click Convert to Word Document... wait until finish..it will take less than a minute to convert the file.

Download free software pdfwordsetup.exe.


Alexis said...

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