Thursday, January 3, 2008


I believe every one who often use internet will understand and know what is a blog and the use of it. Usually now days, blogger will talking about their personal life, their strange encounters, cars, food, home,hand phone,computer, make money and many more. Politician and musician also have their unofficial fan club blog.Blog had been introduce since 90's and now it grow too fast. Blogging also can help you to earn money even become more famous than the celebrity. What make the blog become one of the faster internet usage grow very fast? Blog is easy to use and friendly from the moment user register until make a post, its very easy such as ABC. User no need to understand how the application run, user only had to know how to use it. Posting a content and comment are made pretty much like sending an email.

Now if you thinking to start blogging, or want to try another type of blog, do not worry because there are a lot of blog engine available in the internet such as Blogger, Live Journal,My Space,Multiply,Vox,Windows Live Space,Wordpress and xanga. All of this blog is free and friendly use. User have features such as WYSIWIG editor, lot of fonts,Colors, Theme and emoticons to pick from and also spell checker to spot typing mistake.

What type of blog do you like?


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