Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sabahan Pride - Happy National day - 16 Sept !!

Have you ever heard people ask us Sabahan, whether we still live on the jungle, hunt for food and wear clothing made out of leaves?

If I was asked so, I would proudly say yes.(Cuba imagine Marsha AF 3 pakai Nipah leaves
skirt sama Coconut bra) hehe..

When you as a Sabahan start to feel low just because youre from Sabah, these facts
would make you change your mind:

We have the second largest International airport in Malaysia. While others might not even have any.

We have FIVE major airports, while others might not have one

Car fuel is the cheapest here.

We have two official cities, KK and Sandakan and soon Tawau, while others might only have
a town.

We are still the reason why tourist comes to Malaysia, for our mount Kinabalu.

Two out of the top three of the sexiest girl in Malaysia are from Sabah(Daphne Iking
and Amber Chia) according to FHM.

The whole Philippine country doesnt envy Malaysia. They envy Sabah.

Sipadan Island, need I explain?

Everybody says Mokhtar Dahari is the main reason Malaysian football team qualified for the Olympics, football event in the 80s. With all due respect, the two goals are scored by Hassan Sani and James Wong, both Sabahan. Not forgetting the man who kept Malaysia at bay, Peter Rajah, also a Sabahan as the goalie.

The most air travelers are from Sabah. Almost all Sabahan have atleast traveled once or twice with airplane, compared to the west Malaysians.

We have our own daily newspaper, Daily Express, Borneo Post and Sabah Times.

Every time theres a reality show, our contestant always reaches respectful level. AF, Blast-Off etc.

We live in harmony, not just with Malay, Indian and Chinese, but also with Kadazandusun, Bajau, Murut, Rungus etc. The term Sabah truly Asia is more like it.

First 'Survivor' series was held in Pulau Tiga Sabah.

Most of us Sabahan speaks atleast 4 different language.

Borneo1 will be the largest Mall outside Klang Valley

An internationally reknowned artist, Che Nelle is also Sabahan! Its ok if she fell in love with the DJ, wed forgive her!

This is just to name a few, but despite all this, we are still proud to be Malaysian. Happy National Day!(16 September 2007)

* I also had an experience when one of my friends in collage asked, are you from sabah? I reply it YES I'm SBAHAN. Now the second question, most of sabahan are still live on the tree? I proudly answer the question, YES WE ARE!!! BUT WE USED ESCALATOR OR LIFT FOR GOING UP AND DOWN.
*Malaysia was establish after Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore join Malaya on 16 September.



adam said...

ui iter, Marsha AF3 la. bukan AF2 kekekekeke... tu pun mo sibuk kan.

anyway, siok oh tu kata2 "tggl atas pukuk tp turun pakai lif" wkakakakakakka

kaitor said...

ah ya ka... ehehhe sorry.. i will correct it.. thak you for the information...

ehehhee.. tediam bah tu orang masa saya jawab mcm tu...

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